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Should I Select a Specialized PPC Agency or a Growth Hacking Agency Dealing with PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has become a very popular and effective method of digital marketing in recent years.

However, despite its popularity, many people still wonder, “What is PPC?”, “How does PPC advertising work?”, “How will PPC advertising benefit my company?” or “What type of agency should I hire for my PPC campaign: a PPC specialized agency or a growth hacking agency that handles PPC?”.

Let us analyze every aspect of the above step-by-step and provide you with the answers you need; Relax, breathe deeply, and allow us to guide you along the way.

Firstly, let’s talk about the basics.

What is PPC?

The term PPC (comes from Pay Per Click) is being used to refer to paid ads. It’s also called PPC for historically reasons, as it started many years back as a method of advertising in which businesses are charged every time a user clicks on their ads.

How does PPC work?

PPC essentially involves displaying advertisements on specific advertising platforms, like Google Ads, which is the most popular option. In such ads, every time a user clicks on the advertisement (hence the name), the company must pay a fee, known as a cost per click, as foretold.

Thus, should you invest in PPC?

In light of the fact that businesses make $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend, the numbers speak for themselves; PPC is the way to go!

(source: https://economicimpact.google.com/methodology/, https://www.webfx.com/ppc/statistics/)

Nonetheless, what type of agency should you choose?

*Spoiler: It depends on your needs.*

Specialized PPC agencies vs Growth Hacking Agencies dealing with PPC: Pros & Cons

Specialized PPC agencies

This type of agency is entirely dedicated to PPC, as you can already imagine. A digital marketing agency is consisted of a group of experts who have specialized skills solely in PPC advertising, and they can help you enhance your reach and profitability by creating various advertising campaigns that depend on your business goals. 

Services like lead generation and Google Ads Audits are available, which help you build a positive image of your brand, and they help you manage your ads across search engines and social media, resulting in ads that are more visible and will be clicked on more often.

Growth Hacking Agencies dealing with PPC

The goal of growth marketing agencies is to combine marketing, sales, and technology services through centralized management to create a unified vision. By addressing your business’s current challenges, they build a path to success for tomorrow. 

Their team consists of professionals in a wide range of fields, including marketers, SEO experts, ad specialists, and more, all devoted to helping businesses succeed. Their holistic approach means they can tackle any challenge and integrate PPC with all other marketing actions your business requires. As an example, SEO and PPC are inseparable friends (or at least, they should be) and growth hacking agencies know this, thus they combine these two types of experts to achieve phenomenal results. 

The Time of Judgement 

At this point, you might still be wondering which agency type is best for you.

Well, your company’s stage determines how you should proceed. 

For those who have been running AdWords ads for many years, but just need to switch agencies, or increase their budgets, they can hire a dedicated PPC agency. Thus, if all you want is to optimize your ads, and you’re satisfied with the results (such as the conversions), then let a dedicated PPC agency handle everything else.

Nevertheless, if you are just starting, pivoting or not getting the results you expected, then selecting a specialized PPC agency won’t get the job done. Your PPC strategy should only be included in your action task list as part of a holistic approach that only growth hacking agencies can offer.

After all, a PPC campaign opens a can of warms that entails these services.

  • The creation of visuals
  • The creation of personas
  • The creation of landing pages
  • The creation of accounts in various platforms (such as Business Manager)
  • The creation of events for attribution
  • Making compelling copies 
  • The creation of a dashboard for you to judge the effectiveness of your ads

More importantly, for it to be successful, it must be integrated with the rest of the user acquisition channels such as SEO, outbound marketing, and social media.

  1. Not be competing
  2. Maintain consistency across all channels with the same messages or visuals.


Now that you have all the information in hand, you can conduct an in-depth analysis and choose the right agency for your company’s PPC needs!

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