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Do I Need to Select a Local Agency?

It doesn’t matter if your company is newly established or has been around for some time; we bet you wish the following:
Extend your product development, increase consumer awareness and, ultimately, increase sales.

However, you cannot accomplish all this on your own; only expert growth agencies can help you achieve your goal and reach your full potential. But, the selection of the proper one for your needs can be tricky: should you go for a local agency or a global one?  

Let’s cut to the chase and find out!

Global and Local Market

In the global market, every kind of fish is swimming around in a vast, open ocean; it can be chaotic, with extremely fierce competition, but it can also be full of countless opportunities. Contrary to this, the local market provides a more accessible target, though it also has challenges and competition. But, to be more specific, let’s dig a bit deeper.

To be successful either in the global market or in the local market (or, why not, in both), you should follow the proper marketing techniques. However, what are they?

The criteria for determining them depend on the product or service you provide, the audience you will target and your budget. Essentially, there are two kinds of growth marketing strategies: global and local. You can use both together or separately as needed to meet your specific goals. SEO optimization, advertising, backlinks, identifying the right target audience, and much more are all part of this process.

But, with so many options available, how can you be sure that you’re making the right decision?

Global vs Local Growth Marketing Agencies

In terms of global growth agencies, they have extensive experience in both domestic and global markets, as they tend to serve numerous clients in both. Additionally, they employ dozens of skilled professionals, with their large and structured teams controlled by strict hierarchies. Global ones have experience and know how the “game is played” in order to survive and establish themselves in such a competitive market and, more specifically, in such a competitive field as marketing. Thus, they know how to make you successful too! 😉

A local agency, by contrast, has a much smaller target audience and a far more focused approach. It is a very involved process when it comes to this type of marketing. Marketers are effectively running a campaign for each language/country they are targeting, even if the content is roughly the same. Additionally, local agencies tend to have smaller teams and a limited understanding of how to effectively grow a business. On the other hand, they are prone to being more creative and eager to try new things.

What to Consider Before Coming up with a Decision

To determine whether to work with a global or local growth agency, consider the following factors:

  1. Describe your products or services in terms of whether they are suited to a broader, global audience or if they are more tailored to the needs of the country in which your business operates? If the latter is true, go for a local agency.
  2. Would you prefer a comprehensive approach that addresses every aspect of your business? If so, global agencies is the solution for you!
  3. What is your budget? Global agencies tend to charge more, and this happens mainly because they use more advanced technology; you pay what you get! 
  4. Do you require PR support for local media outlets such as TV stations, magazines, or community relations? If so, go local—team members should be available locally. Or, in this case, you could also combine a local PR agency with a growth marketing agency to do the job.
  5. Are you interested in applying to a wider audience? Your guess is correct: global agencies will get the job done!


The choice of which type of agency is best for your needs requires a great deal of thought and consideration! There are, however, no rules for what you can and cannot do. As an example, since some of the things mentioned above fall within the sphere of Digital PR or Public Relations in general (Public Relations), you may need to combine a global agency that specializes in growth marketing with one local that specializes in public relations. Occasionally, local and global agencies work together to achieve the best results – don’t miss out the chance to take advantage of this!

It is important to keep in mind, however: A global agency may help you grow your local business, but, can a local agency help you grow a global business?

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