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How To Select A Growth Agency

In growth marketing the possibilities are endless, and so are the agencies who claim to offer them. Based on data analysis and a holistic approach, this method is gaining ground over traditional techniques, so choosing the right growth agency is crucial.

But what are the factors you should consider before selecting one?

Your Niche Should be the Focus of Your Growth Agency

Obviously, you wouldn’t ask a retail marketer to market your gaming business. Picking a growth marketing agency that has experience and expertise with other gaming brands is important if your expertise is in the gaming field, for example. Your business and industry will be clearly understood by them, and they will be able to find solutions to unique challenges presented by your products and industry. This will lead your business to success.

Decide what type of services you need

In most cases, growth marketing agencies build companies holistically, but not all of them have similar expertise. If you need help in a particular area, it’s crucial to make sure the agencies you evaluate specialize in that area.  For example, if your agency needs SEO services first and foremost, you should look for a growth agency with SEO expertise.

However, you need to keep in mind that many services are interconnected. Indeed, SEO might be the service you are looking for, but SEO can’t go far without changes on the technical side of your website or your blog. Accordingly, don’t get surprised when an agency makes suggestions on the development side of things or is talking about content, when the main focus was supposed to be SEO.

Get Case Studies

We recommend you avoid agencies that are unwilling to share case studies. Known for their customer success stories, reputable growth marketing agencies provide detailed case studies. In order to determine whether they are reliable, you should look for the following:

Measurable numbers showing the brand’s growth in revenue and traffic, as well as the channels through which tactics were executed. Social media, SEO, and cross-channel marketing—how did they handle them? What kind of focus did they have? 

The project’s results were measured in what ways? What constitutes a “conversion” in their eyes? How did they measure success, such as via traffic, keywords, or rates?

Is the process they followed to achieve the outlined results defined clearly, or is it vague and general? How are their campaigns received by clients? What are their thoughts on them? How did they perform compared to expectations?

Check their prices

In order to select the right growth agency for your business and the correct growth partners, you need to do your research on the financial aspect.

What is the budget for your company? What is the price each agency charges for its services? How are the prices determined? Are they fixed or variable?

Regardless, you will need to have extensive discussions, in which you will outline your needs, and the other side will calculate and then inform you of the price.

Consider that your brand values must align with the growth agency culture

In order for a company to be successful, there must be a positive culture. When the employees are happy, the company will flourish. Meanwhile, a dissatisfied employee can derail the whole process. Thus, in order to match your brand values, a growth marketing agency should have a nice culture, that is similar to your own.

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